Northwest Soapworks can be found in the Red Canary Mercantile at 783 SE 6th St, Grants Pass, OR 97526



I try to make my soaps the best they can be. There may be some variation in the colors or designs of the soaps but the care with which they are made and the quality of the ingredients stay the same from batch to batch.

The Nature of Soap

Soap is designed to clean your skin, it is not meant to treat any skin condition or disorder. Soap can be mild and clean the skin gently or it can be harsh and able to scrub off the worst of the oil or grime from working on cars or wherever. The point is that soap cleans - period. My goal is to clean your skin without making it feel tight, dry and uncomfortable. In my opinion lotion should be something you want to put on, not something you need to put on to feel comfortable in your own skin. 


Of course, I hope you love using my soap. If you do please come back for more. However, if you are not satisfied. or have any issue please contact me. Know that because of the personal nature of this product I cannot accept returns. I fully believe that integrity and honor win the day and if you have any problems I will work with you to find a reasonable solution.